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How We Work

Hiring a lawyer can be daunting. 

We will estimate upfront the costs to you for the legal issue you present to us.  Our rates are excellent value when your experience and success rates are taken into account.
What to expect from us:
• Explain each stage of the legal process to you in plain English;
• Return your calls and emails promptly;
• Provide you with copies of all correspondence, Court documents and other relevant documents relating to your case;
• Exhaust all avenues of settlement before commencing Court proceedings;
• Provide detailed advice and Court representation;
• Engage experienced and competent Counsel and experts when necessary to achieve the best outcomes in Court;
• Provide you with regular detailed accounts setting out all work done by us on your behalf.

What we expect from you:

• Honest and detailed instructions;
• Provision of documentation requested by us and the other side;
• Open communication between us;
• Attendance by you at all Court events unless otherwise advised;
• Attendance by you at Court ordered appointments with experts and family consultants within the Family Court
• Prompt payment of our accounts
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