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Legal Services

Family Law
We assist you in all areas of family law including: 
- The arrangement for residence of children with parents or extended family.
- Children's contact with the other parent
- Property settlements

We advise on all aspects of divorce. Please bear in mind: 
- The parties must be separated for one year before applying for a divorce.
- There are time limits to commence a property case after divorce.
- The Family Court can grant an annulment which cancels the marriage without divorce, in very limited circumstances.

Driving Matters
Traffic convictions may lead to loss of license, fines and even jail. Drivers are regularly found not guilty of traffic charges.
We can assist you with all driving matters.  We will advise: 
- Whether you should defend a traffic matter.
- The strength of the police case.
- The best course of action

Criminal Offences
We provide advice on all offences against persons and property. Furthermore we will advise you on: 
- Speaking to police and making admissions to police.
- Strength of the police case.
- Whether to plead guilty.
- Likely penalties.

AVO Applications
An AVO against you can affect employment, limit your movements and affect your case in Family Law matters.
- Police are obliged to make AVO applications when some criminal charges are laid.
- Some AVO applications are made privately to the Court.
- Some AVO applications are unreasonable, do not have good grounds and may be simply vexatious.
- You are entitled to defend against an AVO application.
- The standard of proof in AVO applications is on the balance of probability, a lower standard than to prove criminal offences (beyond reasonable doubt).
- The Applicant for an AVO must prove their case unless you consent to an AVO.

Building Matters
Builders and homeowners often get into dispute about the contract, the quality of work, extra work, payments, Council requirements. You should get advice immediately when a dispute arises.
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